Therser is derived from Thermal services

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At Therser we design and manufacture high-quality industrial kilns of different types to suit the needs of different manufacturing businesses.


Furnaces are generally termed either by language or Industry, for example, the Metals Industry has always termed the heating process as undertaken in a Furnace.


Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTOs) are a cost-effective way of dealing with harmful industrial emissions. We design, build & install extremely energy efficient RTOs.


Ceramic fibre and refractory bricks are fundamental to ensuring the efficient operation of your kiln.


Therser (UK) Ltd was formed in March of 2009. The name THERSER is derived from THERmal SERvices and that is exactly what we do, we provide Thermal Services and Products in all their forms.

Our management team have over 150 years' accumulative experience in a number of successful UK based Kiln and Furnace businesses; in the later years predominantly Drayton Kilns of Stoke on Trent, where all of our management team worked before the closure of Drayton. We are based in Burslem; the mother town of Stoke on Trent where we have our offices and our workshop, right in the middle of the traditional heartland of the UK's ceramic industry.

All of our products and services have been developed and mastered in ceramic and metals industries for nearly 50 years, giving us a huge list of references and the necessary knowledge and experience that comes with that.

In addition to manufacturing new kilns and furnaces for our customers, we have an unrivalled reputation in the Repair, Refurbishment and Specialised Equipment Relocation; and not only for kilns and furnaces, we have relocated complete factories, as well as individual industrial machinery units, totally unrelated to kilns.

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Keeping The Momentum Going For Health & Safety In 2018

Keeping The Momentum Going For Health & Safety In 2018

Company News

April 23rd, 2018

Health and safety is central to the work we carry out here at Therser. All of us who work with industrial furnaces know how dangerous they can potentially be, and also the negative effect they can have on the environment if polluting emissions are not controlled adequately. With the first ...

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What Goes On Inside An Industrial Kiln?

What Goes On Inside An Industrial Kiln?

Industrial Kilns

February 22nd, 2018

Kiln technology originated in ancient times, and its development from earthen trenches filled with fuel and items to be fired, up until the present day, happened in stages over thousands of years. The first kilns were recorded in use around 6000 BC, but it was the Chinese who appear to have ...

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Using RTOs For Air Pollution Control

Using RTOs For Air Pollution Control


February 13th, 2018

RTOs are widely used by manufacturers to control airborne pollutants in waste exhaust streams. In a typical twin bed regenerative thermal oxidiser, contaminated process gases enter through an inlet manifold and are directed toward an energy recovery chamber for preheating. From here, the VOC-laden gases are drawn along the first ...

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